• Ribs served
  • Fried chicken wings
  • Cheese steak served

Ike and BG's

About us

Steven Butler started his culinary journey as a child under the tutelage of his mother, Antionette Rodolph b.k.a Nettie. Nettie was a restaurateur in Newburgh, N.Y. in the 1980s. She taught Steven how to prepare delicious soul food that people loved to eat.

Steven acquired his passion for cooking from his late Mother. When Steven's godfather and founder of IKE & BG's Restaurant, Issac Gray (a k.a. IKE), noticed his natural talent, he suggested that Steven help around the restaurant to learn more. Throughout his teen years, Steven would scurry from his classroom to work in the restaurant's kitchen after school and on weekends. By the time Steven was 18, he could successfully prepare Soul Food Dishes such as a full Thanksgiving meal for Holidays, that's the level he had taken his passion for cooking. In 2017, Steven acquired IKE & BG's Restaurant and reopened the business with new menu items and a new growth plan.